She Works Abroad is a modern expat company in New York City devoted to helping you move abroad.  Our goal is to inspire and empower a new tribe of expats to pursue a global life. Our online courses are designed for international dreamers who want to learn how follow their personal and professional passions abroad. As your global guide, She Works Abroad will help you create the abroad life you’ve always imagined – filled with passion, purpose, and adventure.


We’re part of a new tribe of inspired expats, ready for the opportunity to navigate an international culture.

  • We are fueled by dreams of wanderlust.
  • We are inspired to experience life abroad.
  • We are career explorers and discoverers.
  • We believe that moving abroad will change us.
  • We believe that we can have an amazing life abroad.
  • We believe that life is a journey and an adventure.




Two weeks of vacation a year were never going to be enough to cure my curiosity about the world. So I moved abroad, and it changed me forever.

But getting there wasn’t easy or simple. The many resources I had in college for studying abroad disappeared when I graduated. And I found there was nothing to replace them with how to take your career and life abroad.

If I was going to move internationally, it had to be for more than cultural exploration. I needed to propel my professional career forward. So I set out on a journey to find great work abroad.

I quickly figured out was that even in our globalizing world, getting an international role can be a confusing and daunting task!

But it is possible. And it is worth it.

After spending five years working in the Middle East, my perspective of the world widened, I developed international skills, and I was a more compassionate person. I had also traveled to over 15 countries and had an amazing life abroad.

I want the same for you.

As an international career adventuress, I am passionate about awakening your global curiosity and empowering you to live the life less traveled abroad.

I can’t wait to provide you with local support, so you can live a global life.

Au revoir,


A graduate of the University of Michigan where she majored in Near Eastern Studies and English, Lynze studied abroad twice in the Middle East before taking her career abroad to Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Living and working across the Middle East and Africa, she learned first hand the personal and professional opportunities available to those that go abroad for work. Lynze then took her international skills to New York City where she is currently inspiring a new tribe of wanderlust struck future expats.