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3 Critical Skills Learned from a Abroad Remote Program

When I first moved to New York City for a summer in college, I did it with the welcome support of an internship program that offered dorm housing, career counseling, and a trial-run of the subway! Coming from Ohio, it was the baby step I needed to jump off successfully into a big city for the initial time. Similarly, today’s remote programs offer a soft launching pad for millennial professionals to explore work and life abroad. Intrepid Gen-Yers are opting…

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How I Proposed Working Abroad and Full-Time

I crave international experience and welcome the opportunity to live out my sense of adventure while gaining global acumen. And while I am interested in all types of working abroad arrangements – fly-in and fly-out, short-term stays, long term assignments, and indefinite postings – these have not always been readily available or personally practical in my full-time work based in New York City. In order to create the dynamic global lifestyle I want and do really great full-time work, I’ve…

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Why Taking A Sabbatical Will Make Your Career

I took a sabbatical at 27. It’s a six-month gap, hole, blank space on my resume. One that I purposely leave exposed with the phrase went on sabbatical. Because, I’m proud of it. I can only say that in hindsight however. Because the truth is when I first started considering a sabbatical I was terribly lost. I had a good job, a really good job. I worked for an esteemed executive, traveled the world, and made a decent salary. But…

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