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Top 3 Excuses for Not Going Abroad

You probably shouldn’t go abroad. I’m sure you know why. You’ve thought of many reasons why it’s practically impossible for you to pick up and move to a foreign country.

But still, there is this part of you that says seize the day, move abroad, you’ve always wanted to do it.

If it feels like there is a battle brewing in your mind between your desire to go abroad and the anxiety of changing your entire world, you’re not alone. When we are on the brink of making big life decisions, it’s natural to feel this tug-of-war.

The truth is, we create a lot of myths that hold us back from living our dream abroad. These are the three most common fears that keep us stuck at home.

#1 – You can’t afford to go.

Affording things doesn’t just translate to earning money. Sure, there are monetary costs to moving overseas. But if you hustle – budget, plan, and secure great work beforehand –  this shouldn’t be a main reason not to go.

I think the real question is, can you afford not to move abroad? As the world continues to globalize, people with international experience will be in very high demand. The experience you’ll gain by working and living abroad will set you apart from the pack. And your new global network will generate even more opportunities. You can’t buy that.

#2 – You can’t leave family and friends.

I won’t lie, leaving loved ones is tough. But, with preparation and coordination, like routine Skype dates, you can maintain strong ties while abroad. I actually become closer to my family when I was farther away as our time together was never wasted.

Plus, don’t underestimate all of the new friends you will make while abroad! The friendships you form when far from home can be some of the strongest. These people become your on-the-ground family, and many times you form tight bonds that last a lifetime.

#3 – You have too many responsibilities.

Be it a significant other, a mortgage, or an intense full-time job, we all have commitments. But we also have choices. If your dream is to move abroad, be honest with what your true priorities are and flexible with the best way to get there.

If you still think it’s nearly impossible to pick-up and relocate, then check out short term options abroad. Could you ask about a brief overseas work assignment or a short sabbatical to volunteer abroad? These may be great options for you right now!

Overall, if you’re having apprehensions about moving abroad, that’s totally normal. It means you’re thinking through it wisely.

Just don’t let myths or excuses hold you back from an amazing opportunity to change your life and live your dream. Because the world needs more global citizens who who want to live, travel, and explore abroad.  

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