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Why We’re Moving to Argentina

“To speak english means to take on an entirely new persona. One that has opinions about everything and an enormous plethora of words for feelings.”

These are words spoken by my Japanese host mother on a recent trip abroad.

I consider this idea closely.

Is that what I like so much about being abroad, the ability to chameleon myself into a different cultural being?

I begin to deconstruct the idea, taking it apart brick by brick and examining it closely for evidence of why I am the way I am.

This question, why do I like being abroad, has been on my mind for awhile.

The answer is both elusive and complex. And it’s easier for all of us if we just agree that I just do.

Yet, the simplicity in those words causes great complexity.

On the positive, my passion for this subject has helped me to create She Works Abroad, negotiate international months outside for work, and inspire people to try a global life.

On the other side I’ve pestered my husband to death about relocating, had a hard time feeling grounded in New York (especially during the winter), and at times felt fraudulent for writing about being abroad but not being abroad.

I spent the better part of 2017 turning this all over in my head again and again.

Laying out the pieces of my life and trying to build them back together in a new shape.

In that frame of mind, I made the tough decision to leave my start-up job and take time to pursue She Works Abroad. Though risky, I am a believer that for a door to open, one must close.

From here, new discussion took root between my husband and I on how to better blend our couple and individual goals.

After months of talking we made the decision to spend the first part of 2017 in Argentina.

Argentina because of the time zone preference and direct flights to New York City, the summer season in the southern hemisphere, and the Spanish language.

He will be here part time, going back and forth as needed for the high growth business he runs. And I will be in Argentina full-time working on She Works Abroad, my Spanish, and letting new ventures unfold.

While this isn’t the most traditional arrangement, it’s our arrangement, and I feel grateful to have trailblazing partner in this life.

What I am most excited about this time around abroad, for however long it ends up being, is how in-tune I currently am with what this experience all means for me and my family.

I am hopeful that this courageous pursuit of a non-traditional bi-cultural lifestyle will provide us with new insights into how best to live out our dreams.

“I speak my truth and build my life upon it. I give voice to God and God’s plans for me. I open my heart and mind to the brighter, clearer, more joyous vistas Life intends for me.” – Julia Cameron


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